Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our adventure begins!

Before the flight with 340 lbs of luggage.

We made it to Napoli after a 13 hour trip with a stop in the Azores. We toted 340 pounds of luggage with us, including Maya, who was a trooper throughout the whole process. Of course, we couldn't get to Napoli without something going wrong. The hotel had mixed up our reservation and had us checking in on Friday. With no availability until then they put us up in their sister hotel (not as nice, but doable) and have been more than accommodating and apologetic. Nevertheless, we are so excited to be here and even more excited to get out of the life of being nomads. For those of you that weren't following our summer, here's what we went through since we moved out of our condo on 5/29/11:

- 9 different check ins to hotels (tomorrow will be 10) totaling 42 nights at various times throughout the summer with about 3 more weeks until we find an apartment.

- Not including our flight yesterday we were on 14 different planes going to Los Angeles, Denver, New York, Washington D.C., Norfolk, and others with the connections totaling 9,140 miles.

- We drove from Norfolk to New Jersey, back to Norfolk, to the Outer Banks, to New Jersey, to D.C., to Durham, to Norfolk, to Richmond, and back to Norfolk totaling 1,970 miles.

Needless to say, we are more than ready to get back to having a home that we can live in and dressers/closets we can put clothes in!

We haven't done much today except sleep and relax and we probably won't be doing much until we can pick up our car early next week. More to come!

Landing in the Azores.
Leaving the Azores.

Landing into Napoli.
Mt. Vesuvius


  1. Welcome to Italy!!

    P.S. A lot of the apartments I looked at out in town didn't have closets or cabinets!

  2. Hi Cher! I can't believe that I can see you and talk to you from Italy!! I'm so excited!! Miss you and Love you!!!!! Mom