Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Isle of Capri

Capri from the drive up.
We decided to go to Capri on Sunday since it was supposed to be another sunny and hot day. Capri is an island in the Tyrrenian Sea close to the Amalfi Coast and very popular among tourists and locals. After we debarked the ferry we hopped on a bus which took us up some very narrow and winding roads (much like Amalfi) to the town of Anacapri. The ancient Greek prefix "ana" means up or above signifying that it is at a higher elevation than Capri (the town). Here we caught the Seggiovia (chairlift) which took us to Monte Solaro, which has the highest peak of the entire island at just about 2000 feet. As we rode up we passed private homes and pretty gardens and orchards. At the top we were welcomed with amazing views of the bays and Capri down below. It was pretty hazy that day so we couldn't see as far as we wanted to, but we got the gist of it!
Why hello there!

Hello Joe!

View from the seggiovia.

At the top.

After Anacapri we went down to Capri. We walked around the streets gazing into little boutiques. Every once in a while we stopped, took in the views, and continued on our way. We bought some Italian goodies and souvenirs and explored the narrow streets and shops along the way. We stumbled upon a few streets that looked like they could be Rodeo Drive or 5th Avenue. Stairs and walkways crisscross the island making it accessible and fun to explore! We didn't see a lot of the island, but we'll be back to explore the Blue (and other colored) Grotto!
In Capri.

The dock area.


  1. What a wonderful trip, thanks for the update, it only makes me want to go to Italy. Keep the post coming I really enjoy them.

  2. The Isle of Capri looks beautiful! Can't wait to visit! Only 32 days to go!!

  3. It was a wonderful day! The views were stupendous. Some of the shops made your wallet tremble but the fashions were to die for. September is a busy time there.
    Ferry etiquette on saving seats was something we learned but don't agree with as being smart or safe. Would you leave your purse to save a seat while you roamed the ferry in search of the WC, something to drink or a companion?
    I want to go back.