Friday, December 7, 2012

A Photo Walk of Naples

For Jon's birthday I hired a professional photographer (Giorgio) who does photo walks in Naples. Being from here, Giorgio knows the city of Naples inside and out and is always looking for picture perfect opportunities. Whether it be seascapes, landscapes, or exploring the secret corners of Naples, Giorgio knows where to go and how to use a camera to get the best shot. I had spoken with him beforehand to let him know Jon's skill level, and he was going to tailor the day according to that.

We started off by taking the funicular up to Vomero and walking towards St. Elmo's Castle. Vomero is a section of Naples that sits above the city where a large medieval castle stands. While we didn't go in the castle, we took the time to look at the beautiful city from above. We've been to this location before and never noticed just how many domes there are in the city. Once you start looking for them they start popping up everywhere.
(c) Jon

We headed down towards Centro Storico (the historical center of Naples), but stopped many times on our way as Jon and Giorgio picked out sights of interest. Giorgio drew attention to the fact that some of the photos in Naples can tell a story or be indicative of being in Naples, thus being more personalized or unique.
(c) Jon

(c) Jon

A photo of Jon, courtesy of Giorgio Cossu.

An action shot, courtesy of Giorgio Cossu

Down, down, and down we went towards the famous Spaccanapoli. Spacca in Italian means "splits" and that is just what this crowded street does to the city. This being one of the oldest streets in Naples, you will find alleyways full of shops, vendors with fresh fish and seafood, famous artisan workshops, and so much more. Tiny apartments full of people line the street, their laundry hanging on clotheslines over the crowds, and buckets of goods are being pulled up to the windows. It makes you feel like you've been transported back in time by about 60 years. It is usually very crowded with locals and tourists alike, and is not to be missed if someone is visiting Naples.

(c) Jon

A reflection shot, (c) Jon

VESPA! (c) Jon

One of my shots

It was a new and rewarding experience looking at one of the oldest cities on the Medittaranean through a photographer's eyes. We're so happy that we had this opportunity and recommend it to anyone living or visiting in the Naples area. We'll definitely be doing it again!


  1. Excellent pictures! I enjoyed seeing a bit of Naples through your lens :)

  2. What a great birthday present for Jon! Beautiful pictures of Naples! I love the first photo showing all the different colored buildings, and lots of domes! I also love the photo of Jon that the photographer took of him. Then there's the action photo of you and Jon which is also great! Was it cold and raining that day? And of course I loved the last photo! Very cool!