Saturday, May 13, 2017

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Back in December, Jon and I decided to go on a quick weekend away close by for a "baby moon" while I was 35 weeks pregnant. We were also celebrating Jon's birthday so it was nice to get away for some much needed relaxation and child-free time.

We decided on a bed and breakfast about an hour and 15 minutes away in Charlestown, West Virginia near Harpers Ferry. We wanted something that would have some light walking or hiking and I wanted a bed and breakfast that had a cozy feel with a fireplace in the room. Bonus points, this b&b had a spa and small restaurant for its guests. The bed and breakfast wasn't housed in one building. It was more like many small buildings located on a large piece of land - very quiet and very serene.

The "lobby" of the main house

Our house for the weekend

The path to the main house, aka where the food was!

The main house and restaurant
We arrived early and stopped at the local grocery mart before chilling for the afternoon. I was a little hesitant to go inside, but this mama needed her snacks and water for the room.

We had signed up for a five course meal at the bed and breakfast that was to be served in the main house seating area. We were in a small room with three other couples (we each had our own table) and feasted on local, fresh food that the chef whipped up for us. It was a great experience and a tasty dinner!

The next morning we drove to Harpers Ferry. The area has gorgeous views of the Potomac and Shenandoah river valleys, as well as the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are a plethora of hiking trails to choose from, and if I wasn't so far along in my pregnancy we would have spent the whole day hiking and admiring the scenery. We chose to walk up to Jefferson Rock since it's right in town, a very short walk up, and has great views of the area. We climbed from the downtown area, went past a church, past a cemetery, and up to the rock. The scenery was breathtaking and was well worth the climb.

35 weeks!

The rock
Afterward, we walked across the Railroad Bridge Tunnel into Maryland.

We spent some time walking around the cute, quaint town, passing by 1800s reenactments and Christmas caroling. We bought some gifts for ourselves and for Julia, got some food from a local restaurant, and warmed up inside.

We had a couples massage scheduled in the late afternoon at our b&b so we headed back to chill a little in the room. For Jon's birthday we headed into Charlestown and had a big steak dinner followed by some time in the casino where we basically threw away our money at the craps table.

We had a quiet morning inside the room sitting by the fireplace and then packed up to go. This was a great getaway and definitely was a relaxing trip before our little one was born. We'd love to go back and do some of the more strenuous hikes!

At breakfast 
The B&B

Tiny house

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