Sunday, June 10, 2018

Los Angeles

I started this post last September and never finished it! So this last post from our ten day west coast road trip from last year will be very short because I don't remember everything, which is why I'm still blogging about our trips so that I'm able to remember everything!

The last part of our trip had us driving to L.A. where we spent four days hanging out with my brother Dan and his family. We got in fairly early and spent the day relaxing and letting the girls play.

Meeting my newest niece!

Dan meeting his newest niece!
The next day the six of us hiked up the Observatory Trail to Griffith Observatory. The girls started strong, but as it got hotter and the incline picked up they quickly asked to be carried.

We had various opportunities to look out onto gorgeous views of downtown Los Angeles and beyond. We made it to Griffith Observatory and hung around inside for a bit. Before heading back down we snacked on some ice cream and rested. We made it down much faster than we came up!

Oops, sorry M!

We made a few of the days hang out and playground days. We've been to LA many many times before so we had no need do much other than hang out with family. I'd say after our travels we all earned it!

Watching the Tour de France

The night before we left we went to LACMA, the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art. We strolled around outside before setting up a picnic blanket to enjoy some snacks and light dinner.

The whole crew

All in all this was a fantastic way to end our ten day trip visiting some of the nation's most beautiful areas. We made memories that will last us a lifetime, and while M won't remember any of it, J still talks about the big hike that she did with the harness and how big the Grand Canyon is. I can't wait until we have more adventures as a family! 

Safety first! 

I actually got to watch a movie from start to finish!

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