Saturday, November 26, 2011

Casa di Roth

Who would have thought that it would take until mid November to be completely settled into our new home? All of the shipments have been delivered, boxes have been unpacked... it's contents are just about put away, and the loaner furniture has finally been picked up. After almost five months without a home (and most of those days living in one room with a dog) we are ecstatic to finally be settled.

We are fortunate to have an amazing view of Lago d'Averno, the Tyrrenian Sea, Monte Di Procida, and Capri. Lago d'Averno is a volcanic crater lake. The Ancient Romans considered this lake to be the entrance to Hades. It gained it's name from a Greek word meaning "birdless" referring to their belief that birds who flew over the lake dropped dead because of the poisonous fumes it emitted. Today we are lucky that there are no birds that drop dead over the lake and there aren't any poisonous fumes (we hope!).

Lago d'Averno with Capri in the Tyrrenian Sea in the background.

A close up of Capri.

A lemon tree decorates our yard as well as two small palm trees and an area to grow grapes. We have picked a couple of lemons off of our tree and the landlord sometimes gives us oranges from his orange tree.

Maya loves the new yard and the space! Here you can see her chewing on her bone in the grass.

The weather is gorgeous this time of year... a high in the low 60s with clear sunny days makes us want to sit on our outdoor sofa lounger, drink wine, and look out on the world ahead of us. Life is good.

A hazy day... you can't see Capri!
The other day we decided to take a walk around Lago d'Averno. As we searched for an entrance to the path by the lake we came upon an agriturismo, which is a vineyard/restaurant/farm. The owners showed us around and picked oranges off of their tree for us to eat. After giving us their business card they pointed us in the right direction. Oranges in hand we continued on.

Jon and Maya in the vineyard near the lake.

Along the path of the lake is the Temple of Apollo, which was built in the 2nd century. This thermal complex had a dome roof almost the size of the Pantheon's in Rome. It's amazing what you can find right outside your home!
Temple of Apollo.
Around the lake.
 We feel like we chose the perfect spot for our time here and are excited to explore the area more!


  1. It looks like it was totally worth the wait. We are very happy for you. ENJOY

  2. I want to go back to the Casa di Roth! Beautiful house and a gorgeous yard with a spectacular view! I can't believe that it's been almost a month since we visited with you and Jon. We're definitely ready to come back!!

  3. Your new view is just a tad better than 15th Street! :) Thanks for the tour!