Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mount Vesuvius

"So I'm rappelling down Mount Vesuvius when suddenly I slip, and I start to fall. Just falling, ahh ahh, I'll never forget the terror. When suddenly I realize "Holy sh*t, Hansel, haven't you been smoking peyote for six straight days, and couldn't some of this maybe be in your head?""And?" "And it was. I was totally fine. I've never even been to Mount Vesuvius." - Zoolander

Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano and is best known for its eruption in 79 AD that led to the burying and destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum. The last eruption was in 1944 and we are told that it is overdue for another eruption!

We were so lucky to have our good friends Dave and Carla visit us last week. Hailing from Denver they were ready to hike and take pictures of beautiful scenery. We took them to Mt. Vesuvius because it boasts some of the greatest views of Napoli and beyond, although I wouldn't necessarily call the trek up to Vesuvius a hike. You drive about 3/4 of the way there and then walk up steep winding hills to the top.

Dave is king of the world!
The path we'd run down in case of an eruption!

Along the way we noticed that we didn't have the best views because of the haze, but the mountain tops and islands peaking over the clouds were a sight to be seen!

Carla and Cheryl enjoying the view over Naples.

At the top we looked down into the ominous crater, which had steaming smoke coming from it.

After walking around the crater we stopped to have a snack and look out to the world in front of us. Our snack consisted of amazing parmigiano cheese and salami that we picked up at a market and triscuits. Italian with an American flair to it! A delicious snack to help satiate our stomachs until the next course... and the next course... and the next course...

A great day!

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  1. Great pictures!! I want to go there! It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! (The snack looks delicious! I was salivating looking at it!)